Frankford Cemetery of Greenbrier County, WV

Route 219 appx. 13 miles north of Lewisburg

Here are a few photos taken during my short visit to Lewisburg, WV in September of 2007. There are many other cemeteries in Greenbrier County which I didn't have the opportunity to visit but hope to document on future visits.

—Kate Maynard

The oldest permanent settlement in Greenbrier County is Frankford, north of Lewisburg. Traveling north on Route 219 from Lewisburg, the cemetery would be on your right but before you pass the highway sign for Frankford.

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Obelisk of RH and Mary Gillilan Mary Gillilan R. H. Gillilan A Gillilan tombstone A Gillilan tombstone

The stones in this cemetery are, by and large, extremely weathered and hard to read. Although eleven Gillilan graves are indexed for Frankford by the Greenbrier Historical Society, I could only positively identify two markers -- for Mary, who died 1/22/1878, and for R. H. Gillilan, who died Christmas Day 1891. As you will see in the photos I found a couple of other stones but they were unreadable; a good cleaning would restore them to legible condition.

Those graves unidentified or not found include: two graves with no first name or dates listed in the index; Charlotte G. (1848-1920); Chas. W. (5/4/1843-10/24/1916); Jennie Harper (1871-1949); Joseph H. (1870-1939); Lock (6/25/1872-11/24/1898); Paul Harry (10/4/1965-10/4/1965); and S. A. (2/29/1831-10/30/1898).

Views of the cemetery:

Frankford Cemetery Frankford Cemetery

The land around Frankford:

Frankford Scenic

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