Lewisburg Cemetery/Old Stone Presbyterian Church of Greenbrier County, WV

200 Church Street, Lewisburg

Here are a few photos taken during my short visit to Lewisburg, WV in September of 2007. There are many other cemeteries in Greenbrier County which I didn't have the opportunity to visit but hope to document on future visits.

—Kate Maynard

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Gillilan Cemetery Plot Frances J. Gillilan Henry G. Gillan
Mary H. Gillilan Nathan M

Lewisburg Cemetery, adjacent to the Old Stone Presbyterian Church, was established in 1797 and contains nearly 2,000 graves spanning two centuries. Among the Gillilans buried here are Frances J. (1822-1893), Henry G. (1905-1955), Mary H. (1865-1957) and Nathan Moffett (1858-1929). The large Gillilan headstone is near the footstones for Frances, Mary and Nathan, while Henry's footstone rests nearby.

Some views of the cemetery and church:

Lewisburg Cemetery Lewisburg Cemetery Lewisburg Cemetery

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