Morse Chapel Methodist Church & Cemetery

Location: Meigs County, Ohio
At the intersection of Co. Rd 35 (Portland Road) and Lovett Rd.
GNIS: 385936N 0815024W

The Morse Chapel Methodist Church, established in 1859, is nestled in the rolling farmland of rural Meigs County, Ohio. Surrounding the aged, white clapboard church is the cemetery, which appears to have been closed to burials some time ago.

The small cemetery is well maintained, has adequate parking and is fairly easy to find, as it is situated at the intersection of Portland and Lovett roads.

The Gilliland family buried at Morse Chapel can trace their roots back to John Gilliland of Middlesex County, NJ. What surprised me is that each of their stones was engraved with the spelling variation, "Gillilan". In other records both prior and afterwards, I had seen the family surname spelled only as Gilliland or Gilleland. Surely there must be an interesting story about why yet another branch of the Gilliland tree chose this variation in spelling.

As you will see, I still have many questions about this family tree so any additions or corrections would be welcomed.

For further discussion of this family, please visit this thread to be found at the Gilliland Trails Forum: "John Gilliland, Ohio to Indiana".

Notes and photos by Kate Maynard, September 2010

Gillilan Burials

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Morse Chapel Methodist Cemetery, establshed 1859.

Amanda Gillilan McBride

Amanda Gillilan McBride, 1861-1956

I have yet to establish Amanda's place in this Gillilan tree and there are no other McBride burials at this cemetery.

Alanson Gillilan

Alanson Gillilan, died July 2, 1915, aged 84 years, 11 months and 16 days

Son of Reuben Gillilan and Lucy Frost.

Roena Gillilan

Roena Gillilan, died August 13, 1891 at 58 years of age (shares same pedestal marker with husband Alanson)

Was this the former Roena Pullins, a daughter of Reuben's second wife Margaret, who was the widow of Hamilton Pullins?

Father and Mother

On one face Alanson and Roena's marker is engraved, "Father and Mother". Was Amanda Gillilan McBride their daughter?

Reuben Gillilan

Reuben Gillilan, died April 30, 1888, aged 90 years, 8 months and 8 days

Daniel Gillilan

Daniel Gillilan, son of Reuben and Lucy Frost Gillilan. Died June 6, 1893, aged 66 years

Lydia (Spiller) Gillilan

Lydia (Spiller), wife of Daniel. Died July 9, 1882, aged 57 years, 4 months, 7 days


More countryside

The surrounding countryside.

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