Antioch Cemetery

Considering the rural setting and only a few roads leading to Antioch Cemetery, one might think this place would be quite easy to find. As it was, I got totally turned around and it took much longer for me to locate than I had ever anticipated. I would suggest that folks who wish to visit this cemetery use Google maps and chart your own course, since I wouldn't recommend mine to anyone.

The cemetery itself is a very short distance east of old Antioch Church, atop a small hill next to Farrar farm. Despite the weather, which was absolutely freezing with a whipping wind to boot, I was able to document a number of graves. The index I was using was quite old but I managed to photograph all the Gilliland graves on my list, plus one stone placed for two Gilliland children who have yet to be positively identified.

This is a small, active family cemetery and is well maintained. There is some erosion of the very oldest of the stones. Among the surnames to be found here are McClure, Spriggs, McCain, Burnside, Brown and Farrar. There may be some Gilliland-born women buried here under their married names but I have not thoroughly researched this possibility.

Photos and notes by Kate Maynard, January, 2013

Franklin Twp., Jackson County, Ohio
Latitude: 38.9522966
Longitude: -82.6312754

Additions/corrections welcome.

Samuel Gilliland

Samuel Gilliland (1818-1881) and wife, Elizabeth Ellen Buckley Gilliland (1815-1899)
Samuel was the son of Samuel Gilliland and Sarah Krouskop, who are buried at Stephenson Cemetery in Hamilton Township. His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of William Buckley Sr. and Elizabeth Callison. The names of Samuel and Elizabeth are engraved on opposite sides of the same marker.

Elizabeth Gilliland    Samuel Gilliland Close-up    Elizabeth Gilliland

John B. Gilliland

John B. Gilliland (1850-1896) and wife Elizabeth "Lizzie" Johnson (1851-1890).
John was a son of Samuel Gilliland and Elizabeth Ellen (Buckley) Gilliland. The names of this couple are engraved on opposite sides of the same pedestal.

Lizzie Gilliland

Sanford and Gertrude Gilliland
Sanford S. Gilliland (1876-1859) and wife Gertrude L. (Farrar) Gilliland (1877-1943)
Sanford was a son of John B. and Elizabeth (Johnson) Gilliland. Gertude was a daughter of Lycurgus and Malinda Farrar. The Farrar family still owns land around the cemetery.
Gwendolyn Gilliland Doering
Gwendolyn Gilliland Doering (1898-1967)
Gwendolyn was a daughter of Sanford S. and Gertrude L. Gilliland. Her first husband was John E. Morgan; I have no information on Mr. Doering.
Jackie and Carol Gilliland
Jackie and Carol Gilliland
With so little information on the stone, I have not been able to positively identify these children.
John and Mary Gilliland
John B. Gilliland (1901-1962) and wife Mary (McCoy) Gilliland (1903-1997)
John was a son of Sanford S. and Gertrude (Farrar) Gilliland. There was more than one Mary McCoy born in Jackson County circa 1903, so I am not positive about her pedigree.

The surrounding countryside.

Antioch Cemetery    Antioch Cemetery

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