Bennett Cemetery of Minford, Scioto County, Ohio

Bennett Cemetery

All of the photos I took at Bennett were specific to the families of Samuel B. (1867-1936) and E. Cranston Gilliland (1869-1910), sons of Jackson and Jennie (Baker) Gilliland of Hamilton Township in neighboring Jackson County, Ohio.

Notes and photos submitted by Kate Maynard, 2008

Bennett Cemetery USGS Minford Quad, Ohio, Topographic Map

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Sameul B. and Ada Chloe Samuel B Gilliland and wife Ada Chloe (Dever) Gilliland
Ada (1872-1951) was a daughter of Warren Dever and Margaret Adams Stockham.

Roy Jackson Gilliland Roy Jackson Gilliland (1895-1925), son of Samuel and Ada. Roy died in the Philippines.

Home Stewart and Mabel Marie Homer Stewart (1901-1986), son of Samuel and Ada, and Mabel Marie (Sudbrook) Gilliland (1900-1992), his wife.

Hrbert H. Family Gilliland headstone, with footstones for Herbert H., Fredareka and Margaret in foreground.
Herbert Henry Gilliland Herbert Henry Gilliland (1888-1962), son of Samuel and Ada
Fredareka Gilliland Fredareka (Hagen) Gilliland (1887-1990), wife of Herbert Henry Gilliland
Margaret E. Gilliland Margaret Gilliland, daughter of Herbert and Fredareka. In the LDS records she is listed as Erma Margaret Gilliland but her stone is engraved Margaret E. Born 12 Oct 1920, died 25 April 1930.

Floyd Newell Gilliland Floyd Newell Gilliland (1897-1975), son of Samuel and Ada

Edna Lenore Miller Gilliland Lenore (Edna Lenore Miller) Gilliland (1901-1982), wife of Floyd

Mary Grace Gilliland Mary Grace Gilliland (1924), daughter of Floyd and Lenore

Fayle Lenore Faye Lenore Gilliland (May-Dec 1927), daughter of Floyd and Lenore

Clyde and Elodia Gilliland headstone, with footstones of Clyde and wife Elodia in foreground.
Clyde S. Gilliland Clyde S. Gilliland (1890-1964), son of Samuel B. and Ada
Elodia Bell Gilliland Elodia Bell (Lewis) Gilliland (1895-1980), wife of Clyde

Clyde and Family Clyde, wife Elodia Bell Lewis, daughter Lorraine Gilliland Meenach and grandson Jerald
Photo by Debra Meenach Jacks, included here with her permission.

Lorraine Gilliland Meenach Lorraine Gilliland Meenach, wife of Noah Thomas Meenach, and her son Jerald
Photo by Debra Meenach Jacks, included here with her permission.

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