Gilliland Gravestones at Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery (Jackson County, Ohio)

Cemetery Report (2007) | Cemetery Update (2013)

Cemetery Report (2007)

The Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery, also known as the McCoy Cemetery, is located just off Rt. 139 on Lenhart Road (see map links below). This is a beautifully maintained country cemetery and you will find here many final resting places for the Gillilands and their related families in Hamilton Township.

Report submitted by Kate Maynard, November 2007

GNIS Location
McCoy Cemetery: 385453N 0824225W Petersburg

McCoy Cemetery:

Indexed Stones

I have compared the stones I located with a published index and there are a few stones for which I didn't get photos:

David C. Gilliland (1885-1927); Everett Gilliland (1883-1963); Hugh Gilliland (the inventory provides no dates but the stone reads 1782-1859) and his wife Rebecca Martin (d. Apr. 24 1886). If you check "Jackson County, Ohio Gilliland Tombstones" in our Photo Album, however, you will see that Rebecca Albrecht contributed a photo of Hugh's stone, which is in desperate need of repair. I have no photo for the stone of Rebecca (Martin) Gilliland.

Sometimes I do an injustice to the women in our Gilliland families. Because of time constraints I often grab the index of Gilliland burials and concentrate on the obvious markers, but this can lead to so many omissions of Gilliland women whose maiden name may not be on their headstones. If you have any additional photos of this type that you would like to contribute to the documentation of these cemeteries, please let me know so I can add them to an index or photo album.

Unlisted Stones

Finally, I've documented a few Gilliland stones I found that do not appear in the index I have for this cemetery. Please check these against any index you may have for Jackson County Cemeteries and update your lists.

First of all, the name of Jehiel Gilliland should be noted. Jehiel (1842-1863) a Private in Company D, 36th Ohio Infantry, is among the young Hamilton Township men who died in the Civil War and his name appears on the large obelisk memorial at Hamilton-McCoy. However, not all of the men whose names appear on this memorial are actually buried at the cemetery. Jehiel died at Chickamauga and I believe he is buried at the Chattanooga (TN) National Cemetery, though I need some substantiating documentation.

The other stones for which I have photo documentation but do not appear in the published index are: Chester Gilliland (Aug. 16, 1924 - Jan. 18, 1988); and Warren F. Gilliland (Sept. 2, 1923 - Feb. 6, 1992).

Gilliland Gravestone Photos

* An asterisk by any name indicates a known veteran.
Additions/corrections welcome.

George Gilliland tombstone
George Gilliland (7 Jan 1814 - 1 Oct 1886)
Son of Samuel (1787-1852) and Sarah (Krouskop) Gilliland.
Hughey and Stella tombstone
Julina (Canter) Gilliland (abt Apr 30, 1816 - Feb 27, 1899)
Wife of George Gilliland, daughter of John Canter and Barbara Walls.
Harrison Gilliland tombstone
*Harrison Gilliland (26 Aug 1843 - 18 Oct 1880)
Veteran. Corporal, Co. A, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery). Son of George and Julina (Canter) Gilliland.
S.J. Gilliland tombstone
Samuel J. Gilliland (1845-1886) and wife Elizabeth (Lyons) Gilliland (1846-1928)
Son of George and Julina (Canter) Gilliland.
Hugh Gilliland tombstone
*Hugh Gilliland (12 Oct. 1845 - 22 Feb 1927) and Elizabeth (Crabtree) Gilliland (1845 - 26 Apr 1892)
Veteran. Pvt., Co. A., 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery.
Hugh was a son of Nathan M. and Lydia E. (Graham) Gilliland.
John Gilliland tombstone
*John Gilliland (6 June 1846 - 1900)
Veteran. Pvt., Co. I, 172nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
John was a son of Nathan M. and Lydia E. (Graham) Gilliland.
Belle and Peter Gilliland tombstone
Belle (Isabella Brunton) Gilliland (22 June 1852 - 1932) and Peter Gilliland (13 July 1853 - 24 Feb 1922)
Peter was the son of Nathan M. and Lydia Elizabeth (Graham) Gilliland.
Warren and Catherine Gilliland tombstone
Warren Gilliland (1854-1928) and his wife, Catherine E. Reed Gilliland (1858-1920)

Notes and photo contributed by Robert Preston:
They were my great grandparents. My grandmother was Lucy Jane Gilliland-Johnson. My mother is Ruth Louise Johnson-Preston. My grandmother Lucy Gilliland grew up in the Mabee area farm (on OHIO Rt 139 Jackson Co., OH) that you talked about. She lived in Hamilton Township, Jackson County, Ohio all her life. In the mid to late 1950's she was a Township Clerk in the small polling building you mentioned.

I spent many days and weeks exploring her farm and the adjoining area.

Lydia and Margaret Gilliland tombstone
Lydia C. Gilliland ( 6 Jun 1875 - 25 Mar 1890) and Margaret A. Gilliland (6 Nov 1866 - 1884)
daughters of Hugh and Elizabeth (Crabtree) Gilliland
Lizzie Gilliland tombstone
Lizzie R. Gilliland (1878-1917)
Lizzie's full name was Elizabeth Rosetta Radabaugh Gilliland. She was a daughter of John Morris Radabaugh and the second wife of Hugh Gilliland.
Additional notes by Rebecca Albrecht.
Alma and Williem E. Gilliland tombstone
Alma Howe Gilliland (4 Feb 1882 - 2 Oct 1969) and William E. Gilliland (29 Jan 1876 - 5 July 1952)
William was a son of Peter and Belle (Brunton) Gilliland.
Additional notes by Robert Preston.
Carl F. Gilliland tombstone
Carl F. Gilliland (1888-1976)
Carl was a son of Warren and Catherine (Reed) Gilliland.
Hughey and Stella Gilliland tombstone
Hughey B. Gilliland (6 Sept 1891 - 1983) and Stella J. (Walls) Gilliland (1896-1962)
Hughey was a son of Hugh and Elizabeth(Crabtree) Gilliland.
Effie May Gilliland tombstone
Effie May Gilliland (1901-1908)
Effie was the daughter of Jehiel and Mina (McCoy) Gilliland.
Mabel and Warren F. Gilliland
Warren F. Gilliland (Sept. 2, 1923 - Feb 6, 1992)
Warren Frederick was the son of Carl Franklin Gilliland and Mary Elizabeth Poetker.
Additional notes by Robert Preston.
Chester Gilliland tombstone
*Chester Gilliland ( Aug. 16, 1924 - Jan. 18, 1988)
Veteran. PFC, U.S. Army, WWII).
I am still lacking notes on his pedigree.
Fern Gilliland tombstone
Fern Gilliland (3 July 1925 - 4 Sept 1961)
Wife of Chester Gilliland.

*Jehiel Gilliland (Veteran; died in the war.)

The name of Jehiel and other young local men who died during the Civil War are memorialized on an obelisk erected by Hamilton Township families in 1898. Because their names appear on the memorial does not necessarily mean these men are buried at Hamilton-McCoy. I believe Jehiel is buried at the Chattanooga National Cemetery in Tennessee. The inscribed name of Jehiel is visible on the first photo of the monument.

The inscription on the west face of the monument reads:


Veterans Monument    Veterans Monument    Veterans Monument

Views of the cemetery and church

Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery Church

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Cemetery Update (2013)

On a return visit to Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery I was able to find and document some of the remaining Gilliland stones from the old cemetery index. These include the markers for Hugh and Rebecca (Martin) Gilliland, and David C. Gilliland. Also, additional notes have been added for many of the gravemarkers.

Hamilton-McCoy is beautifully maintained but due to rising costs of fuel and such expenditures, the trust that had, years ago, been set up for cemetery maintenance only covers about a third of what is needed. If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of this lovely and historic cemetery, please send your gift to:

Hamilton Cemetery Association
Robert A. McCoy
6719 Four Mile Road
Jackson, Ohio 45640

Hugh and Rebecca Gilliland
Hugh Gilliland (1782-1859) and his wife Rebecca Martin (d. Apr. 24 1886)
The inventory provides no dates for Hugh Gilliland, but the stone reads 1782-1859. Unfortunately this stone is broken in half and is in desperate need of replacement.
David C Gilliland
David C. Gilliland (1885-1927),
son of Warren and Catherine (Reed) Gilliland.
Photo not available
Everett Gilliland (1883-1963)
In various records his name is recorded as David Everett Gilliland or Everett D. Gilliland. Son of Samuel J. and Elizabeth (Lyons) Gilliland.

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