Jackson County, Ohio, Gilliland Tombstones

Cemetery photos by Rebecca Albrecht (Read her notes)

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Hugh Gilliland 1782

Hugh Gilliland (1782-1859)

Buried in the Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery, Hamilton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. His gravestone is broken and very hard to read. Hugh was a veteran of the War of 1812.

Nathan Gilliland 1821

Nathan Gilliland (1821-1863)

Buried Stephenson Cemetery, Hamilton Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

Hugh Gilliland 1845

Hugh Gilliland (1845-1927) and Elizabeth Jane Crabtree Gilliland (1845-1892)

Buried Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery, Hamilton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. His death date was never added to his gravestone.

Sam and Sarah Gilliland

Samuel Gilliland (1787-1852) and Sarah Krouskop Gilliland (1796-1848)

Buried Stephenson Cemetery, Hamilton Township, Jackson County, Ohio. Samuel was a veteral of the War of 1812.

Sam Gilliland 1787

Samuel Gilliland (Close-up)

George Gilliland

George Gilliland (1814-1886)

George Gilliiland, b. 1814 Pickaway County, Ohio, son of Samuel and Sarah (Krouskop) Gilliland, Died 1 Oct 1886. Buried at Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery.

Julina Canter

Julina Canter Gilliland (1816-1899)

Julina Canter Gilliland b. 1816, Jackson County, Ohio. Daughter of John and Barbara (Walls) Canter. Died 27 Feb 1899. Buried at Hamilton-McCoy Cemetery.

Infant Gilliland

Infant Gilliland (1840)

Infant child of George and Julina Gilliland. Feb 18, 1840. Buried at Stephenson Cemetery with grandparents Samuel and Sarah (Krouskop) Gilliland. The stone is no longer upright.

Susannah Gilliland

Susannah Gilliland Kincaid/Kinkade (1812-1867)

Susannah Gilliland Kincaid/Kinkade b. May 06, 1812. Died October 08, 1867. Buried Grahamsville Cemetery, Scioto Township, Jackson County, Ohio.

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Notes submitted by Rebecca Albrecht


The Stephenson Cemetery is located on private property just off Route 279 in Hamilton Township of Jackson Co, Ohio. As you are driving north towards Oak Hill on Route 279, there is a brown house and up behind the house is the cemetery. It is on private property so you have to get permission from the homeowner to go on their land and take pictures. The man and woman who own the land keep it up a little but the graves of Samuel Gilliland and his wife Sarah are really now in the "woods/forest".

I am not sure how they would feel if we showed up to help clean it up, but I am sure we would not be denied access as they do keep up part of it. There is one little part has been taken over by the forest for many years now and has full grown trees surrounding the few graves that are visible. I am sure that there are more Canter, Stephenson and Gilliland gravestones hidden in the brush.

The McCoy Cemetery is located just behind the Hamilton-McCoy Church on Lenhart Road which is just off Route 139. It is really nicely taken care of as it is still an active cemetery. The church is a very old country church that still holds services. It really is quite beautifully kept up. Julina Canter Gilliland and George Gilliland are buried here at McCoy Cemetery.

GNIS Locations:

Stephenson Cemetery: 385236N 0824222W Petersburg
McCoy Cemetery: 385453N 0824225W Petersburg


Stephenson Cemetery: http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-82.7061&lat=38.8767
McCoy Cemetery: http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-82.7069&lat=38.9147

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