Mt. Joy Church and Cemetery, Scioto County, Ohio

Location: Rarden Township
Located at the junction of SR 772 and Bear Creek Rd.
Latitude: 38.95028 : Longitude: -83.20306 : Elevation: 1145 ft

This is one of the more remote cemeteries in Scioto County as it is located in Brush Creek State Forest. Mt. Joy marks the spot of highest elevation in Scioto County. That said, I had no trouble finding it as the church and cemetery are located along the state road.

This cemetery is very well maintained, as are most cemeteries that adjoin church properties. This is obviously the final resting place for a relatively tight-knit group of families as the number of surnames to be found there is small. The stone for Derias S. (sometimes listed in various records as Sylvester D.) and Emma Hackworth Gilliland might be thought to be an aberration except that there are a number of Hackworths buried here. It should be noted that the stone for Derias' first wife, Freda (Busche) Gilliland, is located in Stockdale Cemetery in Pike County, appx. 7 miles north of Minford.

Report and photos by Kate Maynard, 2008

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Derias and Emma Gilliland Derias S. (Sylvester) Gilliland and Emma (Hackworth) Gilliland
The stone for Derias S. (Sylvester) Gilliland and Emma (Hackworth) Gilliland. Derias was a son of Eli Nathan Gilliland and Rosetta Jane Kent.

Mt. Joy Cemetery A view of the cemetery and surrounding countryside.

Mt. Joy Christian Church The Mt. Joy Christian Church. The cemetery is located to the left (east side) of the church.

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