Scioto Cemetery of Scioto County, Ohio

Notes and photos submitted by Kate Maynard, 2008

Scioto Cemetery in Scioto County, Ohio, is located several miles north of Lucasville at the intersection of Cockrell's Run and Caldwell Roads. The old and new (1941) sections of the cemetery are fairly well defined.

The surrounding area is one of rolling hills dotted with wooded areas and farms. Here you will find the graves of Eli Nathan Gilliland, wife Sarah Lavina (Bailey) Gilliland, and three of their small children -- Nancy E., Zurie, and an infant son.

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E. N. Gilliland Eli Nathan Gilliland (Hughiz>Nathan M>Hugh>Samuel>Nathan>Samuel>John) was born Oct 24, 1867 in Jackson Co., OH; died Jan 10, 1910 in Scioto County. Note the Bailey family gravestone in the background.

Sarah L. Sarah Lavina (Bailey) Gilliland, b. Feb 5, 1867, died Mar 14, 1950, married Eli Nathan on 23 Dec 1901.

Nancy E. Nancy E., daughter. Dec 9, 1902 - Jan 10, 1903

Zurie V. Zurie V., daughter. Nov 9, 1904 -- Apr 11, 1908

Infant Son Infant son. June 21, 1907 - June 22, 1907.

Scioto Cemetery The older portion of the cemetery. What appears to be a road in the background is actually water. The setting is very peaceful.

Entry Gates The entry gates to the cemetery. The "new" Scioto Cemetery was established in 1941. The older portion of the cemetery is located the farthest from this gate.

Scioto countryside The surrounding countryside, facing west. Eli and Sarah's graves would be at the far right atop a small rise.

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