Gillilands in Indiana Newspapers

The Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana | July 4, 1916
Woman Who Gives Four Sons to the Colors Sends Fourth of July Message to Mothers
"Bear the Heart Pangs That Always Come With Blast of Bugle and Roll of Drums as Did the Mothers if Old," She Says, Ready to Send Fifth Boy to the Front. (Word Doc)

Logansport Daily Reporter, Logansport, Indiana | 21 August, 19033
Will Gilliland, the Rip Van Winkle of Indiana (Word Doc)

The Logansport Journal, Logansport, Indiana | 29 March, 1899
James Gilliland of Cross Plains and the April Fools joke (Word Doct)

The Fort Wayne Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana | 2 April, 1883
Lyman Gilliland killed at Newburgh, IN (Word Doc)

History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Counties, Indiana | December, 1826
The murder of John Gilliland by Benjamin Bolls, near Paoli, Indiana (Word Doc)