Gillilands in the Portsmouth News
Extracts from Portsmouth Ohio, newspaper archives

Kate's notes: A number of newspapers have been published throughout Portsmouth's history, including: the Portsmouth Blade(weekly); Portsmouth Correspondent (weekly); Portsmouth Daily Evening Tribune; Portsmouth Inquirer (weekly); Morning Star of Portsmouth; Portsmouth Morning Sun; Portsmouth Press (weekly); the Western Times (weekly, 1820's) and the Portsmouth Times, also known as the Portsmouth Daily Times. In addition, The Valley Sentinel may have been a supplement to The Portsmouth Times.

The Portsmouth Public Library houses a collection of microfilms of various Portsmouth newspapers. The Ohio Historical Society also has in its collection a number of these microfilms which are available for purchase.

Five articles have been donated by Nancy Downard, and I have transcrbed and added others. Additional submissions and volunteers to assist in transcription are always appreciated!

Dr. William Gilliland appointed president of the University of Nebraska | December 15, 1949 (Word Doc)

Chance remark unites cousins | 1947 (Word Doc)

At 81, Judge Nathan B. Gilliland still "follows the hounds". | 7 November, 1941 (Word Doc)

W.D. Gilliland to Leave P.H.S. for College Job | January 16, 1940 (Word Doc)

Gilliland reunion at Minford, Scioto Co. | 1938

The birthday celebration of Mrs. S. B. Gilliland of Oak Hill | May 1929 (Word Doc)

Hugh Gilliland celebrates his 80th birthday | 1925 (Word Doc)

Hugh Gilliland Family Reunion, Jackson County, Ohio | July 24, 1924 (Word Doc)

Canter-Gilliland Anniversary | August 22, 1923 (Word Doc)

The Death of Charles Friend, Jackson Co., Ohio | July 5, 1923 (Word Doc)

The birthday surprise and family gathering for Grant Gilliland, Jackson Co. | 1922

Surprise Wedding in Jackson County | June 8, 1922

Homer Gilliland Attacked in Portsmouth, Ohio | January 30, 1922 (Word Doc)

Gillilands arrested for operating a still | May 27, 1921 (Word Doc)

The shooting of Hughey B. Gilliland by the Meldick brothers, Jackson Co. Oh | May 8, 1917 (Word Doc)

Judge Beatty Turns Over Probate Court to His Successor, Nate B. Gilliland | February 14, 1917 (Word Doc)

Hugh Gilliland's Birthday Celebration, Jackson Co., Ohio | October 16, 1916 (Word Doc)

Fireman Is Suspended; Many Charges Made | July 25, 1916 (Word Doc)

Gilliland Closes Campaign: Claims a part of his speech was stolen by Harry Bannon | August 10, 1915 (Word Doc)

An Outing at South Webster | July 22, 1915 (Word Doc)

Crushed By A Triple Block | May 22, 1911 (Word Doc)

Fine Lecture by Prof. Gilliland | April 7, 1911 (Word Doc)

Drank Whiskey on the Post Office Steps | August 27, 1910 (Word Doc)

Atty. W.D. Gilliland Hangs Out Shingle | December 11, 1909 (Word Doc)

Nate Gilliland discovers a cousin while issuing marriage license | 1901 (Word Doc)

"Old Route" -- Capt. Coleman Gilliland | September 28, 1901 (Word Doc)

Mr. Gilliland Here: the Private Secretary of Senator [Brice] Spends a Few Hours in This City with Relatives -- Views on Ohio Politics | June 15, 1895 (Word Doc)

A Bad, Bad Man | Saturday, February 1881 (Word Doc)