William Gilliland Jr., Family Bible

A photo album of the William Gilliland Jr, Family Bible, 1812 King James Version with genealogical notes.

William Gilliland, Jr. was a son of the famous pioneer of the Champlain Valley of New York. Many histories have been written about this prominent family; in my own collection I have the following title and would highly recommend it for anyone researching this family:

The Journal of William Gilliland
18th Century Pioneer of the Champlain Valley

Transcribed and Annotated by Fuller Allen, J.D.
Edited by David Kendall Martin, F.A.S.G.
with an introduction by Betty J. Baldwin, M.L.S.
Published by the Clinton County Historical Association Plattsburg, NY

Many thanks to Norm and Carla Monette, owners of the Bible, for their gracious permission to include these photos in the Gilliland Trails Library. They also gave their permission for use of their photographs of the historical markers, which will be organized in a separate file.

A volunteer or volunteers who might help with the transcription of these pages would be greatly appreciated.

Kate Maynard

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Inside cover:
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