1829 letter written by Wm. B. Hubbard Regarding William Gilliland of Ohio

Kate's Notes

There was a Gilliland presence in Belmont County, Ohio from very early times, a fact noted in an 1885 article, "How the town of Fairview, Ohio Got Its Name", a transcript of which can be found in the news archives of our library. That article mentions John Gilliland, who died in California in 1849, his father, Morgan Gilliland, and John's uncle, James Gilliland. These Gillilands are descendants of Hugh Gilliland -- who died in Belmont County in 1816 -- and wife Elizabeth Morgan. Hugh and Elizabeth had nine children: Susannah, Hannah, James, John, Hugh, Thomas, Morgan, Jesse and Ruth.

In the letter below, written by Mr. William B. Hubbard in 1829, Morgan, James and Hugh Gilliland are mentioned but Hubbard states he has no knowledge of a William Gilliland who ever resided in Belmont County. Mr. Hubbard seems to recall that William may have resided at one time in Guernsey County. If you believe you can identify the William Gilliland of this letter, please drop me (Kate) a line at hpuppet@verizon.net

As to the author of the letter, William Blackstone Hubbard was a prominent attorney in St Clairsville, Ohio. He was born at Lowville, Lewis County, New York on August 25, 1795 and had migrated to Ohio by 1816, where he married Margaret Helen Johnson of St. Clairsville. The Hubbards moved to Columbus by 1839 where he died January 3, 1866. I have to say I was curious about Mr. Hubbard, as I am also a Hubbard descendant via Sarah "Sallie" Hubbard and David Brown of New England. A photo of their pedestal marker at Stockdale Cemetery, Pike County, Ohio, is among those in my report on Stockdale Cemetery: http://www.gillilandtrails.org/cemeteries/StockdaleCemetery.asp

The Peter Umstodt in this letter belongs to an Umstott family to be found in Guernsey County; Peter once served both as postmaster and justice of the peace.

I have transcribed this letter to the best of my ability but any portions in doubt have been placed within brackets. Mr. Hubbard occasionally used a shorthand that was rather difficult for me to decipher.


Transcription of an 1829 letter written by Wm. B. Hubbard of St. Clairsville, Belmont County, Ohio to Henry B. Curtis, Esq. of Knox County, Ohio regarding the Gillilands. From the collection of and transcribed by Kate Maynard, 2009

Cover to Hubbard letter
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Folded, stampless letter adressed to:
Henry B. Curtis, Esq.
Atty at Law
Mt. Vernon
Knox County Ohio

Dated by Wm. B Hubbard
Feby 27, 1829

(Remnants of wax seal still affixed)

Hubbard letter
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St. Clairsville Feb 27. 1829

Dr [Dear] Sir
Agreeably to your request of the 14th [?], I made diligent inquiry of several of the "old residents" of our county as to William Gilliland, and [rec'd?] for answer that no such person has [?] within their knowledge been a resident of this County. They have been acquainted with Hugh - James - Morgan Gilliland but not with any one by the name of Wm. It is my impression that I was many years ago concerned in some business, that had allusion, some way, to one William Gilliland and that he formerly resided in Guernsey Co. _ Such is the feint impression of my mind, and I would there fore suggest to you to write to [?] to George Medcalf, Esq Posmaster Cambridge or to Peter Umstodt P (Post) Master New Washington both of whom are old residents of G (Guernsey) County. I would prefer the latter, on reflection - as if I am right in my impression he lived some where in that Sec. (N.W.) of the County.

With respect I remain
Yours Truly
W. B. Hubbard