Letter from Joseph Gilliland to his sister Mary, Oil City, Pennsylvania, 1874

From an online auction I obtained this 1874 letter to Mary Gilliland from her brother Joseph. Carmen Carter, our webmaster for Gilliland Trails, scanned copies of the letter, originally written in pencil on a folded sheet of light blue paper, as an enhanced black & white image and I furnished this transcription of the contents.

Mary and Joseph Gilliland were two of six children born to John and Lydia (Smith) Gilliland, descendants of the old Pennsylvania Gilliland lines that moved westward from Chester County to Centre and Clearfield counties. Lydia and Clara, the children mentioned in the letter, were the daughters of Joseph and his first wife Adeline Yothers, who died in 1878.

Additional information on these lines may be found among the "Historical and Biographical Sketches" and "Obituaries" collections of our library. As with other materials of this type, I would like to see this letter returned to an interested descendant who can share this bit of their history with future generations.

I have transcribed this letter (which did not have the accompanying envelope, as it was probably retained for the stamp) as accurately as possible, which means I have not added nor corrected punctuation, capitalization or spellings. Any portions in doubt are indicated by brackets. Joseph abbreviated some names, including his own, which he signed "Jos".

Submitted by Kate Maynard, 2008

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Page 1

South Oil City Sept. 18th 1874

Miss Mary Gilliland
Dear Sister
we had a long journey over to
Driftwood but still got there in time
for the train we [...] to the train precisely
at 12:20 P.M. Arrived at Irvineton at
5:20 P.M. there changed cars layed there
till 6 o clock P.M.then Started for Oil City --
arrived there same night at 8:25. Dan
met us at the train So we were all
Safe at his house and Supper eat again
9 1/2 Oclock Lydia and Clare flew round a good
bit at Driftwood when the whistle blew
but after that they did not mind it
They said they liked to ride in the
cars better than a wagon. They dont
appear to be frightened one bit and
talk all the while about their Pictures
I had intended to write to [...] to day but
will not until we make arrangements
about going back So you can tell him

Page 2

we landed Safe and Sound and found
all well but Mrs Yothers not very well
I saw Frank Hall get in train at
St Marys and rode to Ridgway I talked
with him he knew I was a Gilliland
but could not tell which one Old
Mrs. Cole was on same train with
us to Wilcox where She got off
  I dont think we will write
to you again before we go back
but one to [...] and when it Comes
if none of them is at the office
you take it up to him So that
he gets it in time to meet us

Your Brother Jos