Obituary for Zilpha Gilliland

Kate's notes: This is one case where I was conflicted about whether to gather together the many short news bits about Zilpha Gilliland, along with her obituary, in order to fashion a biographical sketch of a bright young life that was taken much too soon. I felt, however, that the obituary itself serves as a fitting biography for this lovely and talented young girl. I cannot imagine the sense of loss her parents must have felt at her passing but it is moving that in her short time on this earth, Zilpha had touched so many lives.

I have added only one short article to the obituary and card of thanks from her parents -- a report written just three months before Zilpha's death, and from which we can only glimpse at what appeared to be such a promising future.

News and Obituary for Zilpha Gilliland (Word Doc)

Zilpha Gilliland