Library Updates #1: March-August 2007

In order to save bandwidth for our forum, I will be consolidating the notices regarding additions to our Photo and Document Library. This means that I will keep new notices up for a period of 6 months (more or less) and then the posts will be removed and their information added to an index of our library holdings.

Everyone is welcome to contribute material to library files such as these, which can be expanded or revised. If you have contributions you wish to make to existing files, or new files created from your own research, just drop me a line at

Remember, when you post something to our Photo & Document Library you retain the rights to your materials and they cannot be used anywhere else without your expressed permission.


-- Kate

Here is the index of library submissions between March and August, 2007.

MARCH 2007
1. Photos of the George Franklin Gilliland family.

APRIL 2007
1. Index of Gilliland Veterans Gravesites, from United States Department of Veterans Affairs
2. Gilliland Immigrations to the Port of New York 1820-1913

MAY 2007
1. Gillilands among Philadelphia Passengers lists between 1800-1945
2. 1850 census for Cedar County, Iowa
3. Jackson County, Ohio Death Records 1867-1908
4. Archived photographs of Mrs. V.R. Gilliland of Montola, Johnson County, Kansas
5. Ohio census records for 1820 and 1830
6. Estate records for Samuel Gilliland, from Washington County, VA Wills and Administrations 1770-1800.

JUNE 2007
1. A roster of Gillilands from the records of the Commonwealth Wargraves Commission, including the gravesites of Gilliland veterans of the UK and Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
2. Gillilands recorded at the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.
3. Jackson County, Ohio: Gilliland Tombstones
4. Photographic portraits of Josiah and Jmes Harvey Gilliland, Pulaski Co., KY

JULY 2007
1. Historical notes of early Frederick County, Maryland
2. Miscellaneous records from Chester County, Pennsylvania
3. A pedigree for Abel Gilliland (b. 1796 North Carolina, d. 1838, New Orleans)
4. The Charleston, South Carolina census of 1861 (Gillilands only)
5. Allegheny County, PA, Gilleland Tombstones
5. Historic photograph of Captain Coleman Gillilan
6. Photograph of author Strickland Gillilan
7. Historic Properties Inventory, William S. Gilliland Log Cabin & Cemetery (4 pgs.)
8. Gilliland records at the Library of Congress
9. Gilliland records from The New Jersey State Archives
10. A bibliography for Gilliland research
11. SIMS Index to Land Grants in West Virginia
12. Index file to Gilliland Records in the UK National Archives
13. Emmitsburg (MD) Area Historical Society, Gilliland veterans
14. EPHEMERA category added

1. Gilleylen, Gillelan, Gilliean Veterans' Gravesites
2. Estate Records for James Gilliland, South Carolina (1858)
3. Ephemera: Postcard to a Mrs. John Gilleland, New Cambria, MO
4. The Roy Gilliland farm of Jackson County, Kansas
5. Jim Gilliland and the murder of Albert Fountain (True West magazine article)
6. Gilliland Groves advertisement from the 1930s
7. A photo of Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians (which includes Jim Gilliland)
8. A WWII newspaper clipping from Danville, Illinois with S. I. Gilliland serving the troops.
9. An abridged index to Gilleland Records at the State Library of Virginia