Library Updates #4: October 2008-March 2009

In order to save bandwidth for our forum, I regularly consolidate the notices regarding additions to our Photo and Document Library. This means that I keep new notices up for a period of 6 months (more or less) and then the posts are removed and their information added to an index of our library holdings. A few posts from this period may remain on the fourm if they contain additional information that was not archived to the library.

Everyone is welcome to contribute material to library files such as these, which can be expanded or revised. If you have contributions you wish to make to existing files, or new files created from your own research, just drop me a line at 

Here are some guidelines for those wishing to contribute to the Gilliland Trails Library:

1. Please do not submit material already transcribed by others unless you have their stated permission to post that transcription to Gilliland Trails.
2. Do your best to work with original source material, i.e., from the book or journal, or from a digitized copy of the original material, such as you would find in the Google digitized library.
3. Always include publication information -- title, date, author, et al.
4. The historical or biographical sketch should be from a published work and copyright restrictions, when applicable, should be respected.
5. Please send me your file or files in word doc or rtf format.
6. Photos should be those held in your own collection unless you have permission from the source to post the images.

Remember, when you post something to our Photo & Document Library you retain the rights to your materials and they cannot be used anywhere else without your expressed permission.

Many thanks to our contributors this calendar period, including:
David Glenn
Bill Gilliland
Wayne Gilleland
Debra Meenach Jacks
Peggy Hollandsworth Lewis
Dennis McIndoo
Special thanks to Carmen Carter for all her work on preparing the many cemetery reports and photos for the library.

-- Kate

1. A new category was added to the library archives, "Historical and Biographical Sketches".
2. The first group of biographies to be posted were:
James F. Gilliland (Kansas)
Hugh, Nathan B. and Jackson Gilliland (Ohio)
George E Gilliland (Ohio)
Rev. James Gilliland (South Carolina to Ohio)
John C. Gilliland (Pennsylvania)
Rebecca Jane Gilliland Fisher (Pennsylvania to Texas)
3. Added 1922 marriage announcement of John Gilliland and Mary McCoy, Jackson Co, OH, to the news archives for Jackson County, Ohio
4. Also to the news archives, "A Bad Bad Man", two 1881 articles from the Portsmouth (OH) Daily Times regarding Washington Gilliland.
5. Posted to the obituary collection, the 1895 obituary for William Strickland Gillilan from The Portsmouth (OH) Daily Times, plus notes on the family.
6. Four more photos were added to Bill Gilliland's collection of unidentified family portraits (album #2) plus a possible identification of photo #8 among the unidentified family photos, album #1.
7. To the collection of maps, an 1886 map of Augusta County, Virginia.
8. Added an obituary for Hugh Thompson Gilliland, born in Butler County, Pa. but who moved to Virginia in later life, where he died in 1882.
9. To "Historical and Biographical Sketches", the story of a Gilleland family who fled the Dundonald area of Scotland to the north of Ireland.
10. To the ephemera collection, scans of an 1858 letter from William Gilliland of Ellisburg, Pennsylvania to Egbert Wheeler of Portville, New York, along with a transcription of same.

1. Photos of Gillilan & Gililand headstones from Canyon Hill Cemetery in Canyon County, Idaho were added to the records for cemeteries.
2. To the collection of obituaries, a transcribed obituary for James Milton Gillilan (1868-1931), who is buried at Canyon Hill Cemetery in Idaho.
3. To the collection of marriage records two indexes were posted, each arranged by bride and grooms' names, of Gilliland marriages in Scioto County, Ohio. (Please note that some of the individuals on these lists may be from Jackson or Pike counties but married in Scioto.)
4. The "Obituaries" section was changed to "Obituaries and Death Records". The existing Jackson County (OH) Death Index was moved to this new header and an index for Scioto County, Ohio was added.
5. To the collection of "Historical and Biographical Sketches" was posted a profile for B.F. Gilliland of Kentucky, a descendant of Thomas Gilliland, b. 1788 in North Carolina.
6. To the archive for cemeteries, an index to Gilliland burials at Memorial Burial Park, Wheelersburg, Scioto County, Ohio.
7. To the prevous two articles in the news archives titled "A Bad, Bad Man", the original story as it appeared in the Portsmouth (Ohio) Times.
8. The cemetery reports for Mt. Joy and Old Shumway cemeteries in Scioto County, White Cottage Cemetery in Lawrence County, and Stephenson Cemetery in Jackson County (all Ohio) were uploaded to the library.

1. Uploaded the report and photos for Stockdale Cemetery in Pike County, Ohio to the library's archives for cemeteries.
2. To the collection of "Wills and Estates" was added a newspaper article regarding the will of G.W. Willett of Greenfield, Ohio. Mr. Willett left his estate to his daughter, Lena Gilliland, and her children.
3. This report is for Mt. Horeb Cemetery near Oak Hill in Jackson County was posted to the library.
4. To "Historical and Biographical Sketches", biographies of Col. James Gilliland, Joseph Gilliland, Edward I. Gilliland and Dr. William S. Gilliland, all of Pennsylvania.
5. To "Obituaries", the obits for Mrs. Mary A. (Gilliland) Heaney, Mrs. Louisa C. (Gilliland) Yohe and Harry T. Gilliland, all of Pennsylvania.
6. A new category was added to the library index, for "Correspondence". Three items from the ephemera collection were moved to this category and one new item added: an 1874 letter from Joseph Gilliland to his sister Mary. This line of Gillilands came to Clearfield County, PA from Centre County.

1. To Family Stories, "The Good Old Days", memories of my mother's childhood and what life was like growing up during the Great Depression.
2. To the collection of obituaries, the obit for Edgar "Lefty" Gilliland, the father of Gilliland Trails' Bill Gilliland.
3. Posted to the news archives two articles from The Portsmouth (OH) Times recounting a terrible accident in 1910 in which my grandfather was involved. See "Crushed by a Triple Block".
4. To Historical & Biographical Sketches, a short profile of James and Jane (Gilliland) Richardson of Black Hawk County, Iowa.
5. The obituary for inventor Ezra Torrence Gilliland, 1903 was posted to the library.
6. Added to the news archives, two articles from the Portsmouth (OH) Daily Times, "Fine Lecture by Prof. Gilliland" and another bad boy report, "Drank Whiskey on the Post Office Steps".
7. To "Historical and Biographical Sketches", a profile of J. D. Gilliland, an Oklahoma pioneer born at Barren County, Kentucky.

1. To the News Archives, a wedding announcement from the Pocatello, Idaho Daily Statesman on the 1902 marriage of Zellica Gilliland, daughter of the Rev. J.D. Gillilan.
2. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, notes on William Gilliland of New York (1734-1796) and his grandson, Henry Ross.
3. Uploaded the 1938 obituary for Sarah Weed, daughter James and Jane Gilliland Daugherty, Jackson County, Ohio.
4. To the collection of cemetery records, added two photos for the family plot of Clyde and Elodia Bell Lewis Gilliland, now including a stone for their daughter, Lorraine Gilliland Meenach and her son Jerald Meenach. (See Bennett Cemetery, Minford, Scioto County, Ohio.)
5. Added to the collection of obituaries and death records the following:
Obituaries for the Rev. James Gilliland (d. 1912) and his wife Isadore (d. 1910)
An Index to Some Obituaries of the Peace River Area, Alberta, Canada
Death of 1st Lieut. Bryce Gilliland at Trafalgar, 1805
6. Uploaded two contributions from Peggy Hollandsworth Lewis: an obituary for John Jordan Gillilan of Greenbrier Co., WV and pages from the Lewis Valentine Hollandsworth Family Bible.
7. Posted the first album of Gillilan photos from Peggy Hollandsworth Lewis.
8. Peggy Hollandsworth Lewis' photo album for Mountain Gate Cemetery in Renick, Greenbrier County, WV was added to the library's cemetery reports. Peggy also contributed copies of the deeds to Mountain Gate.
9. Posted the 1881 obituary for Sarah Jane (Glasgow) Gilleland of Suffolk County, VA.

1) Posted David Glenn's biography of William Gilliland, of New York's Champlain Valley.
2.  A biography of Richard Gilleland, an Assemblyman from NYC at the turn of the 20th century, was added to the collection of Historical and Biographical Sketches.
3. Uploaded a biography of Robert Gilliland, father of inventor Ezra Torrance Gilliland.
4.  Added the 1938 obituary for Dr. E. E. Gillilan, brother of writer and humorist Strickland Gillilan.