Library Updates #5: April - November 2009

In order to save bandwidth for our forum, I regularly consolidate the notices regarding additions to our Photo and Document Library. This means that I keep new notices up for a period of 6 months (more or less) and then the posts are removed and their information added to an index of our library holdings. A few posts from this period may remain on the fourm if they contain additional information that was not archived to the library.

Everyone is welcome to contribute material to library files such as these, which can be expanded or revised. If you have contributions you wish to make to existing files, or new files created from your own research, just drop me a line at

Here are some guidelines for those wishing to contribute to the Gilliland Trails Library:

1. Please do not submit material already transcribed by others unless you have their stated permission to post that transcription to Gilliland Trails.
2. Do your best to work with original source material, i.e., from the book or journal, or from a digitized copy of the original material, such as you would find in the Google digitized library.
3. Always include publication information -- title, date, author, et al.
4. The historical or biographical sketch should be from a published work and copyright restrictions, when applicable, should be respected.
5. Please send me your file or files in word doc or rtf format.
6. Photos should be those held in your own collection unless you have permission from the source to post the images.

Remember, when you post something to our Photo & Document Library you retain the rights to your materials and they cannot be used anywhere else without your expressed permission.

Many thanks to our contributors/researchers this calendar period, including:
David Glenn
Bill Gilliland
Wayne Gilleland
Judy Erwin Cornick
Peggy Hollandsworth Lewis
Thelma Gilliland Maynard
Anne Gilliland Bristow
Martha Class
Special thanks to our webmaster, Carmen Carter, for all her work on preparing the many reports and photos for the library. Without her volunteer hours and her expertise, our library simply would not exist.

-- Kate

Additions to the Gilliland Trails library have been arranged in the order they were uploaded. Please make note of revisions or changes to existing files as you will want to preserve the most recent versions.


1. To Military Records was added a paper written by Dave Glenn regarding the Revolutionary service of James Gilliland of New York. 
2. Added to News Archives, several articles from the papers of Athens, Ohio and Circleville, Ohio.
3. To Obituaries, the 1922 obituary for R. A. Gillilan from the Portsmouth Times (OH).
4. A preface was added to the old biography of William and his son Henry Ross, regarding its historical inaccuracies.
5. Two obituaries were uploaded to the library archives, that of Lewis McClellan Gillilan of Salt Lake City, Utah and his son, Lewis W. Gillilan, of New York.
6. To Obtuaries, the 1936 obit for Foster A. Gilliland of Canandaiqua, New York.
7. To Biographical and Historical Sketches, a profile of William J. Gillilan of Daviess County, Missouri.
8. A second biographical sketch of entrepeneur and inventor Robert Gilliland, father of Ezra T. Gilliland. The first biography added to our archives was originally published in a History of St Joseph County, Indiana and is more of a personal nature. This second profile, published in a biographical album from Lenawee County, Michigan, focuses more on Mr. Gilliland's business interests. My preface to this second biography will explain how Robert's biography ended up in the historical volumes of both Indiana and Michigan.
9. To Marriage Records, an engagement announcement and wedding article from the Indianapolis Star for the 1915 marriage of Robert V. Gilliland and Mary Montgomery.
10. To the archive of cemetery records, an article from 1952 regarding Glen and Davis Gilleylen's development of the Greenville Memorial Gardens, Greenville, Mississippi.
11.Added to Historical and Biographical Sketches the following profiles: John J. Gillilan, Nebraska; William S. Gillilan, Ohio; and James David Gillilan, Idaho.
12. To Obituaries: Walter W. Gilliland, 1908, Kentucky; 1944 obit for Matilda Hart, Iowa; 1906 obit for O.C. Gilliland, Washington, D.C.
13. To News Archives: 1896 article on the shooting death of John Gillilan, Plant City. Florida; 1902 article on the conviction of Robert Gilliland, Belfast, N. Ireland; 1907 article on Forrest Gilliland (KY) and the flood; John R. Gilliland announces candidacy, 1901.
14. To Historical and Biographical Sketches: added a biography of Clare C. Gettles, Ross County, OH (Gillilan lineage); also, "Rediscovering Strickland Gilliland ", first posted to the Gilliland Trails discussion forum.
15.To Marriage Bonds, 1907 marriage of Mary Gilliland and Robert Simpson, Washington, D.C.
16.To Library and Archives Indices & Directories, the 1903-1904 Directory of Batholomew County, Indiana and the 1909 Memphis, Tennessee City Directory (To this file I have added some background information on the Irby & Gilliland Company of Memphis)

1.To Historical and Biographical Sketches was added the newspaper article, "How the Town of Fairview, Ohio Got Its Name".
2. Two articles were uploaded to News Archives: first, an 1896 article from Springfield, Washington Co., Kentucky on newspaper editor/publisher Cecilia Gilliland; second, an article from the July 4, 1916 edition of the Ft. Wayne (IN) Sentinel about an Ohio Gilliland mother whose sons had all volunteered for the army.
3. Added to Obituaries, the 1908 obit for Emmie (Brown) Gilliland from The Breckenridge (KY) News.
4. To Cemetery Records, a report on White Cottage Cemetery in South Point, Ohio, and a report on Gilliland and Gillilan burials at Greenlawn Cemetery in Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio.
5. Revised and expanded Kate Maynard’s Gilliland family album and in the process changed the title from "George Franklin Gilliland Family Album" to "Kate Maynard's Gilliland Family Album".
6. Added the 1909 obituary for young Zilpha Gilliland from the Breckenridge (KY) News, with photo.

1. To Obituaries: Report on the death of M.P. Gilliland at Port Townsend, Washington, 1910, and the death of the Rev. Dr. L. M. Gilliland at Chicago, 1891.
2. To Marriage Bonds was added Gilleland engagements & marriages from the Port Townsend, Washington area.
3. To the library archive of "Wills & Estates", excerpts from Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland and comments on the origins of surnames. The content of this file has also been posted to our discussion forum in the thread, "What's In a Name" under General Discussion.
4. To Indices and Directories, the 1907 & 1909 Adrian, Michigan Directories
5. To News Archives, an article from The Delaware County (PA) Daily Times, Tuesday, January 5, 1965, “Newtown Man Quits as Dean at Temple” concerning Dr. Charles E. Gilliland, Jr.
6. A new category was added to the Library Index, “Birth Records”.Two items were posted to this new section: "Some West Virginia births, 1853-1910" and  "A Register of Slave Births in Gillilan Households of  Greenbrier and Pocahontas Counties, West Virginia, 1853-1860". Thanks go to Peggy Hollandsworth Lewis for her assistance with the birth records.

1. To Passenger Lists/ Immigration was added an index, “Immigrants to the Port of New York during the period of the Irish Famine, 1/12/1846 - 12/31/1851”
2. Three articles were added to News Archives regarding the murder of Edward Gilliland in Springfield, Illinois, 1908 (As newspaper articles are organized by state, please refer to the link for Illinois newspapers.)
3. Added to Obituaries, from The Washington Post the 1911 obituary for Henry B. Gilliland, and from the Xenia (OH) Daily Gazette the 1972 obituary for Pauline (Gilliland) Babb, Xenia, Ohio, with genealogical notes.
4. To Correspondence was added an 1829 letter written by Wm. B. Hubbard regarding Wm. Gilliland of Ohio, with mention of Gillilands in Belmont County.
5. Added to "Obituaries" a file of the collected Gilliland family obituaries for the period Dec. 22, 2008 through June 30, 2009.
6. To Biographical and Historical Sketches, bios of John Wesley Gilliland and his daughter Ruth Gilliland Hardman, of Oklahoma; also a biography of Dr. William E. Gilliland of Illinois
7. Added the obituary for Ruth Gilliland Hardman of Oklahoma.
8. To the News Archives, a report on the death of desperado Jeff Gilliland, from the NY Times, 1884; Hugh Gilliland receives a pardon of life sentence, Topeka, Kansas, 1895; Henry Clay Gilliland and the old fiddlers' contest, 1917
9. To Marriage Bonds, some early marriages of New York, with additional notes

1. To Marriage Bonds, the 1884 marriage announcement for John W. Gilliland and Fannie Heard, from the Atlanta (GA) Constitution.
2. To News Archives, a 1902 article from the Hopkins County, KY paper concerning a threatening letter sent to John Gilliland.
3. Added to Historical and Biographical Sketches, profiles of Nancy Gilliland of Crawford County, Pennsylvania and John S. Gilliland of Wise County, Texas.
4. To Marriage Bonds, an article on the 1915 wedding of Maude Elizabeth Gilliland and Walter Earl Burton, Portsmouth, O.
5. To Extracts from the Portsmouth, Ohio Newspaper Archives:
  A) Another article has been added to "Fireman Suspended, Many Charges Made"
  B) An article on Prescott Gilliland, prohibitionist, has been added to the file, "Gillilands Arrested for Operating a Still".
  C) "An Outing at South Webster, 1915"
  D) "Homer Gilliland Attacked in Portsmouth", 1922
  E) "The shooting of Hughey B. Gilliland by the Meldick brothers, Jackson Co. Oh", 1917
  F) "Hugh Gilliland family Reunion", 1924
  G) "Hugh Gilliland's Birthday Celebration, Jackson Co., Ohio", 1916
  H) "The Death of Charles Friend, Jackson Co., Ohio", 1923
  I) "The Canter-Gilliland anniversary", 1923
6. To Obituaries, several obituaries from The Portsmouth, OH Daily Times, including:
  A) 1917 obit for Edna Galford Gilliland, Lucasville, O.
  B) 1925 obit for Margaret Gilliland Ward of Waverly, Pike Co., O.
  C) 1922 obit for Peter Gilliland, Jackson Co., O.
  D) 1921 obit for Ed. S. Gilliland, Portsmouth, O.
7. To Obituaries, an article on the death and funeral of Capt. Joseph H. Gilliland, 1907, New Castle, PA
8. Added information regarding Ora L. Gilliland to the obituary for his mother, Edna Galford Gilliland.
9. Some revisions/additions made to the following items in the library collection: first, additional notes to the series of articles regarding the shooting of Hughey B. Gilliland by the Meldick brothers (Jackson Co. Ohio); some corrections made to the report on the 1916 celebration of Hugh Gilliland's birthday (Jackson Co., Ohio).
10. Added to Newspaper Archives, a 1901 article on the accidental death of miner John Gilleland of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and two of his sons.
11. To the newspaper archives for New Jersey, reports of James Gilliland “Buried Alive”, 1888.
12. To the newspaper archives for the Portsmouth, Ohio Daily Times was uploaded a revised file concerning “Hugh Gilliland's Birthday Celebration”, Jackson Co., Ohio
13. Added to Marriage Bonds, an article on the 1923 anniversary celebration of George and Elizabeth Gilliland Canter, Jackson Co., OH and the 1920 wedding of Margaret Gilliland and Walter Morris, Gettysburg, PA

1. To Marriage Bonds, a newspaper report on the marriage of Mr. George O. Cartwright and Miss Blanche E. Gilliland, New Albany, Indiana, 1897, contributed by Wayne Gilleland.