Library Updates #6: December 2009- May 2010

In order to save bandwidth for our forum, I regularly consolidate the notices regarding additions to our Gilliland Trails Photo and Document Library. This means that I keep new notices up for a period of 6 months (more or less) and then the posts are removed and their information added to an index of our library holdings. A few posts from this period may remain on the fourm if they contain additional information that was not archived to the library. Each library index presents material in the order they were added to the library collections.

  Everyone is welcome to contribute material to library files such as these, which can be expanded or revised. If you have contributions you wish to make to existing files, or new files created from your own research, just drop me a line at

Here are some guidelines for those wishing to contribute to the Gilliland Trails Library:

1. Please do not submit material already transcribed by others unless you have their stated permission to post that transcription to Gilliland Trails.
2. Do your best to work with original source material, i.e., from the book or journal, or from a digitized copy of the original material, such as you would find in the Google digitized library.
3. Always include publication information -- title, date, author, et al.
4. The historical or biographical sketch should be from a published work and copyright restrictions, when applicable, should be respected.
5. Please send me your file or files in word doc or rtf format.
6. Photos should be those held in your own collection unless you have permission from the source to post the images.

  Remember, when you post something to our Photo & Document Library you retain the rights to your materials and they should not be used anywhere else without your expressed permission.

  Many thanks to our contributors/researchers this calendar period, including:
Sharon Hobart
Sandra Suddarth Gilliland
Bill Gilliland
Rebecca Albrecht
Linda Hoff
Becky Schreick
Linda Rotonda
Judy Erwin Cornick
Anne Gilliland Bristow

  Again, a tip of the tam to our webmaster, Carmen Carter, for all her work on preparing the many reports and photos for the library. Without her volunteer hours and her expertise, our library simply would not exist.

-- Kate


1. To Cemetery Records, a report for Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia, by Sandra Suddarth Gilliland.
2. Also to Cemetery Records, a report on Grahamsville Cemetery in Jackson County, Ohio. Contributors included Rebecca Albrecht, Linda Hoff, Becky Schreick, Linda Rotonda, and Bible records by Bill Gilliland.
3. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, some articles from the Greenbrier (WV) Historical Society Journal on the Mathews Trading Post. These records date to the late 1700's and include transactions with the Gilliland family living in the Greenbrier County area.
4. To Family Trees, Judy Erwin Cornick contributed a tree of the family of Nathan "Nate" B. Gilliland of Scioto County, Ohio.
5. To News Extracts, a short but revealing bit of news from 1913 on Dr. J. L. Gilleland of Pilot Rock, Oregon, whose family line can be traced back to Olean, Missouri.
6. To Biographical and Historical Sketches, the following profiles:
  Theodore R. Gilleland of Hendricks County, Indiana
  William C. Gilliland of Dickinson County, Kansas
  Two biographies posted as one file: The Rev. Leland Macaboy Gilleland and his daughter, Tanetta. Also of Indiana and Michigan interest.
7. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, a profile of C. A. Gilliland of Venango County, Pennsylvania.
8. To Cemetery Records, an index of Gilliland and Gilleland burials in Queensland and Western Australia.
9. To Ephemera, a copy and transcript of an 1812 wolf bounty scrip issued to Nathen Gilleland in Champaign County, Ohio.


1. To Biographical and Historical Sketches, the following profiles:
  Robert E. Gilleland of Cass County, Missouri
  Samuel L. Gilliland of Pipestone County, Minnesota
  Revisions to the bio of James and Jane (Gilliland) Richardson of Black Hawk County, Iowa.
2. To Obituaries, the 1869 death notices for Margaret Gilliland of Jefferson County, Kentucky, and the 1867 obituary for David Hopkins of Harrison Co., Missouri, husband of Esther Gilliland.
3. To Marriage Bonds, two early records from Lincoln County, Missouri, and the 1869 Gilliland-Brundige marriage in Daviess County, Missouri.
4. To Obituaries, the death notice for Mary Gilliland of Beloit, Kansas, 1921.
5. To Marriage Bonds, and article on the wedding of Selena Loelia Gilliland and Lafayette Jones, Richmond, Virginia, 1904.
6. To Biographical and Historical Sketches, two articles of Texas interest concerning the story of Fine Gilliland and the white steer, an incident that occurred in 1889.
7. To the News Archives, the following articles:
  The Trial of Jim Gilliland and Oliver Lee (two articles), from The Graham Guardian, Safford, Arizona, 1899
  The Murder of John J. Gillilan, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1901
  Gillilans open store in Lynch, Norfolk, Nebraska, 1908
Washington State
    Two articles from Pullman, WA concerning the family of Dr. J. L. Gilleland, 1919 & 1922
8. To the News Archives, "Sgt Gilleland to recruit women for the WAC," Burlington, Iowa, 1944
9. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, the following profiles:
an article on John Gilleland's double barreled cannon, Athens, Georgia; a biography of Robert Q. Gilliland, Ozark County, Missouri.


10. To Family Photo Albums was added "From Jackson County, Ohio to Saskatchewan, Canada: The Family Album of Anne Gilliland Bristow".


1. Added to Historical and Biographical Sketches:
  John E. Gilleland, Macon County.
  Charles D. Boisseau and Oscar Gilliland Boisseau, Johnson County.
  Ellison Sligar and wife Margaret Gilliland, Monroe County.
2. To Wills and Estates, the will of Margaret Gilliland probated, Davenport, Iowa, 1903.
3. To Marriage Bonds, the following articles:
  The marriage of Linnie Gilliland and George DeLon, from the Marion, Ohio Daily Star, 1910.
  The Anniversary Celebration of Col. William R. and Elizabeth (Gilliland) Showman, Newark, Ohio, 1888.
  The marriage of Marion Gilliland and Byron F. Steinbaugh, Charleroi, Pennsylania, 1931.
4. To Obituaries and Death Records, the obituary for Mrs. George Gilliland, Blacklog Valley, PA, 1942, and the death notice for George E. Gilliland, District of Columbia, 1914.
5. To Property and Land Ownership, excerpts from the Deed Books of the Chester County, Pennsylvania Archives.
6. To News Archives, the following articles:
  "Gilliland arrested for Counterfeiting," Mansfield, Ohio, 1934.
  "Music Therapy Pioneer Tells of Its Benefits," Newark, Ohio, 1949.
  "Duncan Sisters Save Caviar and Champagne Blowout," 1954.
  "Former Port Arthur Woman Seriously Injured," 1932.
7. Revised file (Historical Sketches) -- John Gilleland's Cannon
8. To the News Archives, the following articles:
    From The Hammond Times (Hammond, IN) August 23, 1963, "LED BY MARLON BRANDO -- Mayor in Alabama Accuses Four Film Stars of Rabble-Rousing".
    From The Lima (OH) News, July 15, 1949, "Bullets Menace Foes of Klan."
  From The Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, June 27, 1944, "Clearfield Nurse Gets Important State Position."
  From The Charleroi Mail (Charleroi, Pennsylvania) June 19, 1935, "Woman's Condition is Serious -- Mrs. Alvea Gilleland, Five Others Hurt In Auto Collision."
  From the Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA, 1942, two articles on John Lawrence Gilliland and his daughter, author Ann Ritner.
9. To Property and Land Ownership, the sale of Nellie B. Gilliland farm, New Vienna Ohio, 1945.
10. To Marriage records, the following:
  Gilliland-Hostetler marriage, Lynchburg, Ohio, 1957.
  Hopkins-Gilliland Wedding, 1959, Hillsboro (OH) Press Gazette.
  Immel-Gilliland Wedding in Detroit, 1928, Van Wert (OH) Daily Bulletin.
11. To Birth Records, some Gilliland births of London, England, 1812-1835.
12. To News Archives, the following articles from Ohio:
"Gilliland Family Holds 100th Anniversary", from the Lima News, August 2, 1935.
"Threats Of A Mob: Want to Lynch a Man at Gallipolis",  from The Massillon Independent, September 14, 1899.
"Gilliland Family Reunion," from The Press Gazette, Hillsboro, Ohio, July 1, 1955.
"Strike Incident In Greenfield," 1959, The Press Gazette, Hillsboro, Ohio.
"First Aid Victim Helped Save Train Victim Monday," from The Lima News, January 22, 1958.
"Crash Is Fatal To Celina Man: Clinton Gilliland, 66, Dies Tuesday in Van Wert Hospital," from The Lima News, April 9, 1947.
"Parish Notes" (Presbyterian gathering honors abolitionist Rev. James Gilliland of Red Oak), from The Press Gazette, Hillsboro, Ohio, October 20, 1939.
"Mrs. Gilliland Honored On 75th Birthday," from the News Reporter, Hubbard, Ohio, April 25, 1963.


1. To Obituaries and Death Notices, a report on thedeath of Samuel Alexander Gilliland, 1934, from The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, Pa.
14. To Marriage Bonds, the following articles from Ohio:
The Wedding of Sue Alspaugh and Robert Hart Gilliland, Lima, Ohio, 1917.
The wedding of Margaret Black and Lawrence A. Gilliland, Van Wert, Ohio, 1930.
2. To the News Archives, these articles from Ohio:
"Lewis Gilliland Struck By Train," from the Lima Times Democrat, Lima, Ohio, 1902.
"Local Resident Caught In Illinois Twister," from the Van Wert Times Bulletin, April 1967.
"Gilliland Named Commander of Navy Destroyer," from The Van Wert Times Bulletin, November 28, 1972.


1. To News Archives, the following articles from Pennsylvania:
"Former Dawson People Injured in Wreck," Connellsville, 1935.
"Gilliland Presbyterian Home Established in Gettysburg," 1953
"Gilliland Family Centennial Reunion," The Pittsburgh Press, 1928.
2. To Obituaries, "Resolution of Condolence for Benjamin Gilliland," Crawfordsville, Indiana, 1903.
3. To Marriage Bonds, two articles: the Gilliland-Stewart wedding, Van Wert, OH, 1973; the wedding of Margaret Agnes Gilliland and Alexander McCrae Lemmon, Clearfield, PA, 1938.
4. To Biographical Sketches, a newspaper article on "Sister Laura" Gilliland of Clearfield Co. PA, 1938.
5. To Library Indices, marriage and death announcements available via the New Castle, Pennsylvania Public Library.
6. To Obituaries and Death records, the following:
  Robert H. Gilliland, Missouri, 1944.
  Mrs. Margaret Jane Gilliland of Mercer Co, Pennsylvania, 1927.
Manitoba, Canada
  The Obituaries for Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gilliland, 1907 & 1908.
7. To Marriage Records, he wedding of Anne Marie Johnson to George Roberts Gilliland, Manitoba, Canada, 1939.
8. To News Archives, snippets from The Clearfield Progress, Clearfield, PA.
9. To News Archives, the following articles:
  "Two At Gadsen Succumb To Burns," from the Anniston (AL) Star, February, 1948.
  "Couple Marks 25 Years With Firm," from The Salina (KS) Journal, May, 1951.
  "Two Young Men to Practice Law," from The Gettysburg Times, August 18, 1927.
10. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, a biography of Captain Coleman Gillilan of Ohio, 1903.
There were already some slave records in the library but they were distributed among different categories. As the collection of these records has grown, I decided to consolidate all of the records under their own header. The original files were reorganized by state. Revisions and additional notes were made to some of those files. Also, these three new files were added:
*1850 Slave Schedule for Halifax County, Virginia
*1850 and 1860 Slave Schedules for Greenbrier County, WV
*1850 and 1860 Slave Schedules for Pocahontas County, WV