Library Updates #7: June-November 2010

In order to save bandwidth for our forum, I regularly consolidate the notices regarding additions to our Gilliland Trails Photo and Document Library. This means that I keep new notices up for a period of 6 months (more or less) and then the posts are removed and their information added to an index of our library holdings. A few posts from this period may remain on the fourm if they contain additional information that was not archived to the library. Each library index presents material in the order they were added to the library collections.

Everyone is welcome to contribute material to library files such as these, which can be expanded or revised. If you have contributions you wish to make to existing files, or new files created from your own research, just drop me a line at

Here are some guidelines for those wishing to contribute to the Gilliland Trails Library:

1. Please do not submit material already transcribed by others unless you have their stated permission to post that transcription to Gilliland Trails.
2. Do your best to work with original source material, i.e., from the book or journal, or from a digitized copy of the original material, such as you would find in the Google digitized library.
3. Always include publication information -- title, date, author, et al.
4. The historical or biographical sketch should be from a published work and copyright restrictions, when applicable, should be respected.
5. Please send me your file or files in word doc or rtf format.
6. Photos should be those held in your own collection unless you have permission from the source to post the images.

Remember, when you post something to our Photo & Document Library you retain the rights to your materials and they should not be used anywhere else without your expressed permission.

Many thanks to our contributors/researchers this calendar period, including:
Sharon Hobart
Judy Erwin Cornick
Vivian Rowe
Vivian Gillian Zirk
And as always, to our webmaster, Carmen Carter, for all her work on preparing the many reports and photos for the library.

-- Kate

Because the first set of files below were added to the the library archives on the last day of May they missed inclusion into the GT Library Index # 6.
Uploaded to the library on Monday, May 31 were these files conrtibuted by Sharon Hobart:

1. To Wills and Estates, the will of Robert Gillilan, Greenbrier Co., WV, 1830
2. To Military Records, the Revolutionary War pension file of James Gillilan of Greenbrier Co., West Virginia
3. To Property and Land Ownership, these transcriptions from the Greenbrier Co., WV Entry Book:
William Gillilan & John Casebolt, 1798
Land survey for Samuel Gilliland, 1798
James Gillilan enters 200 acres, 1793
4. To Property and Land Ownership these transcriptions from the Bath County, Virginia, Deed Book.
Land transaction between Samuel and Elizabeth Gilliland and Robert Reaugh, 1791
Land transaction between Samuel Gillelan and Joshua and Eliner Ewing, 1795.
Land transaction between Samuel and Elizabeth Gilliland and John Lynch, 1797
Land transaction between Samuel and Elizabeth Gilliland and Richard Hill, 1799

Additions to our library are listed in the order the files were uploaded.


1. Records contribued by Sharon Hobart to Property and Land Ownership:
Greenbrier Co. (WV) Land Deeds Book
Robert Gillilan apppointed attorney for Samuel and Mary Lewis, 1821
James Gillilan to George R. Gillilan, 1819
William McClintick to John Handly and Nathan Gilliland, 1816
James and Lydia Gilliland to Zedekiah Lewis, 1805
James Sr. & Lydia Gillilan to Robert Gillilan, 1804
James Sr. & Lydia Gilliland to Nathan Gilliland, 1804
William & Hannah Gillilan to Peter Byers, 490 acres, 1800
William & Hannah Gilliland to Peter Byers (Bowers), 50 acres, 1800
John Ellies to Samuel Gillelan, 1789
Nathan Gillelan to William Poage, 1787
2.To News Archives, the following articles:
    "Eulaton Man Dies When Hit By Train", Eulaton, Alabama, 1940
    Three articles on rail worker Mervyn Gilliland and the train crash at Gympie, 1947
    "From Opera to Revue" a lenghty interview with actress Helen Gilliland, Sydney, 1941
    Four articles concerning the death of Ester (Esther) Gilliland at Darlinghurst, 1909
    The murder trial of Joseph Gilliland, from the Queenslander, 1893.
    "Matron Gilliland Returns from Honolulu", from the Sydney, Australia Morning Herald, 1928
    "Actors Part in War"; and interview with actress Helen Gilliland. From The Argus, Melbourne.
3. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following articles:
    Obituary for Mrs. Margaret Eliza Gilliland, Hartford, Michigan, 1934
    "Last War Vet Passes Away", death of N. P. Gilliland as reported in the Marion (OH) Star, 1931
    "Van Wert Woman Dies", Ohio death of Ruhama Gilliland reported in the Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, 1916
    "Gas Boiler Explodes; One Killed, Two Hurt", Dallas, Texas, 1930
    "Mine Foreman Fatally Shot", Superior, Wyoming, 1940
    The death of Edward Gilliland at Dunolly, from The Argus, Melbourne, 1878
    Two articles concerning the death of Mrs. Alexander Gilliland at Smythe's Creek, 1858
    The obituary of Sister Winifred Gilliland, from the Sydney, Australia Morning Herald, 1928
4. To Marriage Bonds, the following articles:
    The Meekin-Gilliland Wedding, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 1913


1. To Marriage Bonds, the wedding of James Gilliland and Dora Rudy, Altoona, Pennsylvania, 1932
2. To News Archives, the following articles:
  Alice M. Gilliland Sues Railroad, from the Los Angeles Herald, October 1910
  Gilliland Family Reunion, Ligonier, PA, 1941
3. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following articles:
  Funeral of Lydia A. Gilleland, Pasadena, CA, 1909
  The Obituary for Mrs. Clyde E. Gilliland, Topeka, Kansas, 1965
  The obituary of Thomas M. Kent, Portsmouth, OH, 1925
  Obituary for Mrs. Elisabeth Gilliland McCrum, Huntingdon, PA, 1938
  The obituary for Miranda Gilliland, Baird, TX, 1946
4. To News Archives, the following articles:
    "Jury Gives Former Ku Klux Official verdict of $9,000". Benton Harbor, MI, 1930
    Hugh Gilliland celebrates his 80th birthday, from The Portsmouth Daily Times, 1925
    The birthday celebration of Mrs. S. B. Gilliland of Oak Hill, from The Portsmouth Times, May 1929
    Gilliland family reunion at Homestead, from the Pittsburgh Press, 1928
    "Former Resident Named President Of Jersey Club", from the Huntingdon Daily News, 1951
    Jennie Gilliland at the Callahan County pioneers' reunion. From the Abilene Reporter-News, 1938.
5. To Marriage Bonds, the following records:
    The wedding of S. R. Gilliland and Doreen White, from the Brisbane Courier, 1930.
    The marriage of Hazel Durston and Lyman Gilliland at Turlock, CA, 1924
    The engagement of Leota Gilliland and Floyd Hatfield of Lodi, CA, 1927
    The wedding of Odessa Gilliland and Clarence Field. From the Marion, OH Star, 1910
    The marriage of Nell Marsh and J. Roy Gilleland, 1906, from The Pittsburgh Press
    The marriage of Russell Gilliland and Helen Scott at Lancaster, PA, 1923
    The Gilliland-Lang engagement is announced, Huntingdon, 1939
Washington D. C.
    The wedding of Mary Gilliland of Ohio and E. Howard Ashworth of Tennessee, 1904.
6. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following articles:
    "Suicide on the Ionic". The death of Joseph Gilliland of London, 1910
    The obituary of Finley Ferguson of Milton, Indiana, 1902
    "Hoosier, Stricken at Camp, is Dead". The death of Paul Gilliland, reported in the Hamilton (OH) Journal Daily-News, 1935
    Julia P. Gilliland Lyons passes away in Iowa. From the Richwood (OH) Gazette, 1927
    The obituary of Mannie E. Gilliland Smith of Lancaster, Iowa, 1924
    "Oldest Known Kansan Dies at Age of 101 Years". The death of John Gilliland, March 1912.
    The obituary of Mrs. Sarah C. Gilliland as reported in The Southeast Missourian, 1930
    The funeral of Mrs. Nathan B. Gilliland from The Portsmouth Times, January 1925
    The obituary for Margaret Gilliland Dever from The Portsmouth Times, Oct 1925
    The obituary of Mrs. Nancy Gilliland of Black Log Valley, 1940
    The obituary of Addie G. Gilliland from the Huntingdon Daily News, Nov, 1941
    The obituary of Lucy Ann Gilliland, Waco, December 1956.
7. To Property and Land Ownership, the following record: the sale of the James Gilleland homestead, 1908, from The Pittsburgh Press
8. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following:
    An index to Gillilan & Gilliland death notices and obituaries from the Idaho Statesman, 1971-2000
    The death of Mrs. Virginia Gillelan at Emmitsburg, MD, 1929
    The death of pioneer settler Melissa Rice Gilliland at Warrensburg, MO, 1902
    The death of Mrs. Erwinta E. Gillilan of Missouri, 1918
    Announcement of the death of Hugh Gilleland in the Reading (PA) Eagle, 1868
    The obituary of Charles S. Gilleland of Avalon, PA, 1901
    The obituary for Samuel Alexander Gilliland, from the Adams County News, 1913
Washington State
    Mary A. Gilleland Abbott, formerly of Pennsylvania, dies in Tacoma, WA. The Pittsburgh Press, 1912
9. To Marriage Bonds, the following records:
    An Index to early Gilliland & Gilleland marriages of Arizona, 1879-1913
    An index to early Gillilan & Gilliland marriages of Idaho
    The marriage of Mrs. Elizabeth Downey Stone and H. Maurice Gillelan at Emmitsburg, 1928
    The 1833 marriage of James Byol and Phebe Lefever, Gettysburg, PA
    The wedding of Mae Louise Armstrong and Rea Burtt Gilleland at Avalon, PA, 1920
New Zealand
    The marriage of John Gillilan and Fanny McCullagh, 1890
10. To News Archives. the following articles:
    Ezra Gilliland and Thomas Edison escape drowning in Florida, as reported by the Maysville, KY paper, 1887.
    J. T. Gilleland duped by red-haired woman, as reported by the Miami (FL) News, 1910
    Marian Gillilan saves chum from fire at Evanston, IL, as reported by The Pittsburgh Press, 1920
    Two articles from the New York Tribune on the murder of Serena Gilliland in Granite City, Ill, 1921
    Virginia Gillelan of Emmitsburg celebrates her 85th birthday, 1928
    Robert Gillilan of Daviess Co., MO accused in counterfeiting scheme, 1874. (Two articles from the New York Times.)
    The many marriages of Lt. Francis Marion Gilliland, as reported in the St. Louis Republic, 1905
    Charles Gilliland of Dayton recalls his battlefield experiences in France. From The Portsmouth Times, 1915.
    "Double Homicide". Shootout kills C. B. Gilliland at Eagle Rock, from the Salt Lake Daily Herald, 1880
11. To Land Records, the following: Property sale regarding the estate of Samuel Gilliland heirs, Gettysburg, PA, 1820.


1. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following:
California (originally from N. Ireland)
    The 1887 death notice for William Gilliland, immigrant to San Francisco from Belfast, N. Ireland.
    William Gilliland of Derby, Indiana commits suicide, 1903
The funeral of Joseph A. Gilliland of Chenault, Kentucky,1899
    An obituary for Mother Margaret Gilliland of Jefferson Co., KY., 1868
    The obituary for Mrs. Mary Gilliland, as reported in The Portsmouth Times, 1898
    The obituary for Ella Gilliland of Gettysburg, PA, 1911, from the Adams Co. News.
    The obituary of Arthur Gilliland, from the Gettysburg (PA) Times, 1922
    The obituary and funeral notice for Cora D. Gilliland of Black Log Valley, PA, from the Huntingdon Daily News, 1939.
Washington, D.C.
    The death of John B. Gilliland, formerly of Illinois, at Washington, D. C., 1908
2. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, the following:
    The biography of James Harvey Gilliland of Greene County, Indiana
    The biography of Dr. Sarah M. Gilliland of Covington, Kentucky, published 1887
    The biography of Josiah Gilliland of Nebraska, formerly of Belmont County, Ohio. Pub. 1904
    A biography of John Gilliland of Madison County, Ohio, published 1883.
    A biography of Jacob Gilliland of Allegheny Co., PA, published 1889.
3. To News Archives, the following articles:
    Thomas J. Gilliland of Alabama bilks his Chicago hotel, 1907
    "Eighth Gilliland Caught" The arrest of Milton Gilliland of the Gilliland gang at Somerset, Ky., 1891
    Mrs. B. F. Gilliland prospects for coal, Cloverport, Ky., 1903
New York
    Roy Gilliland shot by playmate, Amsterdam, NY, 1909
Washington, D.C.
    Civil War veteran Capt. Gilliland of Pennsylvania recounts his war experiences, Washington, D.C., 1902
4. To Marriage Bonds, the following records:
    The marriage of Maud Gilliland to Creed Taylor, Marion, Kentucky, 1910
    The marriage at Philadelphia of James Patterson Gilliland and Alice Donaldson, 1929
5. To News Archives, the following articles::
    The Gilliland family reunion of 1934 held at Moravia, Iowa
    The Gilliland family reunions of 1956 and 1960 at Hutchinson, Kansas
    The Gilliland family reunions of 1957 and 1959, as reported in the Chillicothe, MO, Constitution-Tribune
    The Gilliland family reunions of 1905, 1909 and 1919 as reported in the Van Wert Times Bulletin
    The Gilliland family reunions of 1933 and 1935 held near Columbus, as reported in the Circleville Herald
    "Gilliland clan holds reunion at Centre Hall", Altoona, PA, 1951
    The murder of John Gilliland's child in Chester Co., PA, as reported in the London papers, 1755
6. To Obituaries and Death Notices, the following:
    "Boy Drowned When Horse Fell". The death of Gerald Gilliland at Peace River, 1920
    Thomas Gilliland drowns in the Assiniboine, from the Manitoba Free Press, 1884.
    "Mail Carrier Ends Life With Shotgun," from the Circleville Herald, 1929
Clarence Gilliland dies at Pomeroy, 1915
    Francis B. Gilliland killed in auto accident, from The Daily News, Huntingson, PA, 1931
    The obituary of Eleanor Gilliland, who died near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1811
    The obituary for Elizabeth Gilliland, who died near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1808
    The death of Glaswegian William S. Gilliland at Calgary, Canada, 1938
7. To Land Records, "Heirs Wanted For Lands in Texas", 1880. Letter published in a U. K. paper seeking Irish Gilliland heirs to Texas lands.
8. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, the following::
South Carolina
    Biographical sketch of Robert James Gilliland of Pickens County, S.C., published 1902
9. To Immigration Records, the following:
To New Zealand
    List of passengers bound from London to Wellington NZ on the "Auckland", 1881
Canada to Ireland
    A. Gilliland of Winnipeg emigrates to Ireland, 1935


1. To Marriage Bonds, the following articles:
    The wedding of Miss Hattie Clifford King of Roswell, GA to William Henry Gilliland of SC, as reported in the Atlanta Constitution, 1901.
    The 50th wedding anniversary of Reuben Gilliland and Mary Jane Tozier, as reported in the Mills County (IA) Tribune, 1908.
    The marriage of Jacob David Gilleylen of Mississippi to Myrta Robinson, from the Marysville, OH, Tribune, 1893
    The engagement of Joan Marie Gilliland and Migue Angel Palacios, Oil City, PA, 1957
    The marriage of Lewis Gillilan and Ellen Benson at Butte, Montana, 1910.
Northern Ireland
    The marriage of W. L. Gilliland to Elizabeth Catherine Major, Londonderry, 1888
2. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, the following:
    Biographical sketches of Edward and John W. Gilliland of Mills County, Iowa
South Dakota
    Biographical sketches of brothers William H. and Samuel G. Gilliland of Yankton, South Dakota, pub. 1915
3. To Obituaries and Death records, the following:
    The obituary for Edith Gilliland Ohmes, from the Portsmouth (OH) Times, 1941
    The obituary for Clarence S. Gilliland of Mount Union, Huntingdon Co., PA, 1956
South Dakota
    The drowning of Rankin Gilliland near Yankton, South Dakota, 1890
4.To News Archives, the following articles:
    The birthday surprise and family gathering for Grant Gilliland, Jackson Co., OH, 1922
    Gilliland reunion at Minford, Scioto Co., Ohio, 1938
    Montana cowboy David Gilleylan becomes artist of note, as reported in the Lima (OH) News, 1936
5. To News Archives:
    Edith Frances Gilliland murdered by jealous suitor in Fresno, 1923.
    Two articles concerning Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gilliland of Clearfield County taken prisoner by the Japanese in Manila, 1942 &1945.
West Virginia
    "Bought First Wagon", short historical note regarding James Gillilan bringing the first wagon to Greenbrier County.
6. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, the following:
    A biography of Reuben Gilliland of Licking Co., Ohio, published 1881
    A biography of famed fiddler Henry Clay Gilliland, pub. 1916
7. To Marriage Bonds, the engagement announcement for Evelyn Joan Gilliland and Bob Eickel, from the Zanesville Times Recorder, 1955.
8. To Wills and Estates, a transcription of the 1795 will of John Gilliland of Jefferson County, Tennessee.
8. To Obituaries and Death Notices, the following:
    The obituary for Mary Elizabeth Gilliland of Red Oak, Brown County, Ohio, 1920.
West Virginia
    The obituary for Brown Gillilan of Renick, Greenbrier County, 1950.


1. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following:
    Mrs. William A. Gilliland, orignally from PA, dies at Zanesville, Ohio, 1945.
    The obituary for John A. Gilliland of Middleport from the Zanesville (OH) Times-Recorder, 1949.
    An obituary for Sam Lee Gilliland from San Antonio, Texas newspaper, 1957.
    The 1948 obituary for Nettie Gilliland of Baird, Callahan County, Texas.
West Virginia
    The obituary for Mrs. Inez (Gillilan) Hall, from the Charleston (WV) Gazette, 1937.
2. To News Archives, the following articles:
    (All from the Portsmouth Times)
    Surprise wedding in Jackson County, 1922
    The birthday surprise and and family gathering for Grant Gilliland, 1922*
    Hugh Gilliland celebrates his 80th birthday, 1925*
    The birthday celebration of Mrs. S. B. Gilliland of Oak Hill, 1929*
    Gilliland reunion at Minford, 1938*
    Dr. William Gilliland appointed president of the University of Nebraska, 1949
Washington State
    The murder of John M. Gilliland near the town of Gifford, Washington, 1919
3. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following:
    The death of Mr. amd Mrs. Lawrence Gillelan of Westminster, MD, during the Spanish Flu epidemic, 1919.
    The obituary for Mrs. Ida S. Gillelan of Emmitsburg, MD, 1927
    The obituary for Charles E. Gillelan of Emmitsburg, MD, 1937
    Mrs. S. F. Gilliland of Hereford, TX, dies at Dallas, 1944.
4. To Historical and Biographical Sketches, a bio of Osce Franklin McKissick of Coosa Co., Alabama, published 1904
5. To Photo Albums, for the album for Descendants of James Gillilan, Jr. and Margaret Boggs was added a portrait of Lewis McClellan Gillilan, educator
6. To Family Stories, in "The Pioneer Story of Beatrice and Tom Gilliland" was added the 1897 marriage certificate for Thomas Levi Gilliland and Beatrice Nora Fitzpatrick, contributed by Vivian Rowe.
7. To Immigration and Passenger Lists was
New Zealand
    Added another record and notes to New Zealand passenger lists for 1881.
    Posted an Australian passenger list of 1856 that included a "Miss Gilliland".
8. To Marriage Bonds, the following records:
    The marriage of Sara Gilliland to Robert King Major, from the Gettysburg (PA) Compiler, 1898.
    The wedding of Grace Hembree and Truman Gilliland at Abilene, 1930.
9. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following:
    The obituaries for my grandparents, George F. and Mary (Dice) Gilliland, from the Portsmouth Times, 1937& 1965.
    The obituary for Robert King Major, husband of Sara Gilliland, from the Gettysburg Times, May 1934.


1. To Property and Land Records, early land claims of Thomas J. Gilliland of Boone Co., Arkansas.
2. To Obituaries and Death Records, the following:
    Mrs. Alice Gilliland dies at Rock Island, Ill., 1926
    The funeral of David S. Gillelan of Emmitsburg, Maryland, 1904
North Carolina
    The obituary for Jesse Gilleland of Statesville, Iredell Co., North Carolina, 1929
    The obituary for Mrs. Linnie Gilleland of Statesville, NC, 1942
    The funeral of Mrs. Glenn Gilleland at Statesville, NC, 1953
    The death of Mrs. Augusta Underwood Gilliland at Sydney, Ohio, 1896
    The obituary for Elizabeth (Hill) Hott, daughter of Wm. & Susan Hill Gilliland, as reported in the Circleville, OH, Herald, 1938
    The obituary for Oswald P. Gilliland of Mifflin Co., PA, 1951
    Jim Gilliland dies at Weinert, TX, as reported in the Abilene Reporter-News, 1934
    Clara Blakley Gilliland dies at Callahan County, TX, 1939
West Virginia
    The obituary for Steele Gillilan of Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., WV, 1951
    The obituary for Mary McClintic Gillilan, widow of Nathan Moffett Gillilan, who died at Huntington, 1957
3. To Marriage Bonds, the following records:
New Jersey
    The marriage of Jesse Gilliland and John Montgomery at New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1910
North Carolina
    The marriage of Betty Gilleland and Lewis Weston of Statesville, Iredell County, 1944
    The marriage announcement for Wilma Nell Gilleland and Lester R. Cashion, Jr., from the Statesville, NC paper, 1945
    The wedding of Vera Holton and Hermon Gilleland at Statesville, NC, 1946
    The wedding of Jewel Alene Gilleland and Herman Philip Brown at Statesville, NC, 1948
    The marriage announcement for John Luther Gilliland and Hazel Evelyn Wert, Huntingdon, PA, 1927
South Carolina
    The marriage of Elizabeth Wilder and Warren Jones Gilliland, as reported from Aiken, SC, 1924
West Virginia
    The marriage of Natalie Gillilan and Robert DuLaney at Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co., West Virginia, 1950
4.To News Archives, the following articles:
    The Gilliland brothers receive military promotions, as reported in the Blytheville Courier News, 1942
North Carolina
    News of Ernest B. Gilleland's exploits in the Pacific, 1945, as reported in The Landmark, Statesville, NC

The next index of library submissions, #8, will cover the period from December 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011.